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October 04, 2006


Kelly Rotherham

Love these pics Lou. And BTW you need to open your cupboard doors and take some photos of your stash for Friday night. Great scrapping with you Saturday.


Hmmm a magical cupboard,
I like the sounds of that!
What's this I read about you being slack? That is NOT a word that I would use to describe you my friend.

Donna Wild

Gorgeous layouts. Beautiful, fun stuff!! :)


gorgeous layouts. i especially like the cat in teh hat one:)

Katie Toland

Lou! I am so behind... I didn't realise you'd started blogging again. LOVe the thoughts for the day LOL, Classic!

Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. It really means a lot... especially from someone 'in the know' :)

Lyn Dwyer

Hi Lou......I love your Cat in the Hat layout!
Hey.......I'm glad you haven't been blogging much the past two weeks...it makes it easier to catch up with all your goss...he,he.
Hope we get to catch up before Christmas!


Hi Lou - thought I'd pop in to say hello! Great LOs and I love the one in the latest SC. Also, thanks for the support re my Mum. Hope you are well. x

Kathy Pitt

Gorgeous LOs girl, LOVING the CITH :)

About time for another blog update hmmmm?? :D

Carole Janson

They are such gorgeous layouts, the cat one is unreal.

Lyn Dwyer

think this has worked Lou...

here is the link to the B & B


Joy McPhail

Time for an update Lou, (we're not working you THAT hard)!!!

Lyn Dwyer

Melbourne Cup holiday here now Lou......time for that update!


hi miss Lou
hope youre well- watcha up to?


update your blog, girlie:)

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