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November 12, 2006


Joy McPhail

A new post :-))))
LOVIN the buttons - will have to chase these up.
Also love the Mothers Day LO.
As for Fairies - just goes to show pretty and glittery can be for ANYone!!

Lyn Dwyer

Well "hi" there Miss Lou!
Nothing wrong with being in your jammies at that time girl......I stayed in mine down here at PAYNESVILLE until after lunch yesterday......I love it! So much more relaxing and hey....the neighbours down here are fast getting use to this"jammie chick" from the YARRA VALLEY walking around the garden at all hours weeding in her 'night wear'...LOL!

Kathy Pitt

yaaah there she is at last :)Great to catch up on what you have been up to, Gorgeous Tin you did & love the beach LO with the stitching and flowers, super clever girl


Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, Lou.
So great to see your gorgeous layouts in SC!

(pretty sure I was still in my PJ's at 11.30 on Sunday. and Max was still in his pj's at 2.30pm today, and it is Monday, and we even visited friends while he was wearing the pj's.)


Hi Lou...love it when you update and share... I totally love those layouts..Im particularly in love with the Ali inspired beach one.
Mardi x


finally she updates...lol. love the layouts:)

what's wrong with being in your pjs at 11.30am on sunday???


hiya- gorgeous layouts Lou- are these in the shop, or can you bring em Sat so i can have a sticky beak at them!
see ya then

Rebbecca Fanning

mmmm nice layouts!! You think you have been slack. I have not update my blog for weeks. Thats on my list of things to do while in Melbourne for the weekend.

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