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February 24, 2007



ohhhh I think Glasses definatly make you smarter so I expect a lot of smart things to come from you lol!!!
Love the layouts!!! Especially the swing one....nice!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx

I wear glasses and I think I look smarter....lol

Last year my 6 year old daugther found she also had a 'stigmatism'.

She was suffering from a lot of headaches and now she wears glasses her headaches have all but gone. I am sure you will feel lots of improvement.

In this day and age glasses are very cool. Have fun choosing some for yourself.

Thanks for sharing more of your scrapping. I love seeing what you have been creating Lou. I especially love the pink layout with the big flower.

Besides my addiction with buttons I also love using flowers. Thanks for giving me more inspiration xxoo

Mardi Winen

Well I have to admit...I love glasses...(and I do think they make people look intelligent...LOL)...lets hope they put a stop to your headaches and sore eyes.

...and its always wonderful to see you sharing your layouts.....

Have a lovely weekend...
Mardi x

Sonia Bowers

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I too where glasses and so does my DD - and yes we think we ARE smarter when we where them too!!!! LOL - love your work keep it up.

Kelly Rotherham

LOL I was trying to think of just one smart arsed comment for this one, but you know me so I will add them all.....
So it wasn't an over indulgence of Ruskies that was giving you headaches all the time and making your sight blurry!
Damn now you will be able to actually read CK for cool ideas and not just look at the blurry pictures.
Watch out Nic, now there will be no excuse for her not to answer the phone (now she is so smart and all)
and lastly....
Join the club -oo- Hope you don't loose your mojo now that you can see straight lines, we kinda like your out of whack personality!
We have got to chat IRL really soon XX K

Rebbecca Fanning

LOL!! Very funny Kel. Are you still not answering the phone Lou? We ant photos of you and your new glasses. Are you going for the smart, sophisticated look or the Dame Edna style? Reminds me I must pull mine out of the bottom draw. That might explain the squinting. How bout a conference call Kel?


WOOT your back, love the LO's and can't wait to get a hold of my copy of FK.. and glasses do make you look smarter, and you will just rock in them! xx Chelle

Kathy Pitt

wow glasses eh Lou! I had to get mine over 7 years ago, when i got knocked back on my Learners, couldn't read things in the distance. my DD has just begun wearing them as well in the last year, after constant headaches in school.

Loving the LOS :)


I'm thinking big & bright with touches of bling. Very Dame Edna.

Megan Stephenson

I found you!!!

I have been looking for your blog Lou, but to no avail....just found a link on Carole Janson's blog though!!

Beautiful layouts Lou!

Megan xx


lol...that's funny!! i've been wearing glasses since i was 9. make sure you take pics of yourself with your new glasses to show us:)

love the layouts.

jane fitchett

having a giggle at Kellys comments- yep- join the club, i have stigmatism too
love the LOs- must be time for an update

Sharmaine Kruijver

Hi Lou, just passing thru and thought I would wave as before I left lol
Hope your having a super start to a wonderful week :)

Kelly Rotherham

I've been, what's new?


Yeah Miss Lou....aka Four eyes...aka No sound hee hee....wheres your update???????


Ohh just had to comment since seeing you in your glasses I have to say they really really suit you!! Little miss Smarty!! although you already were smart before hey!!

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