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March 23, 2007


Sharmaine Kruijver

Yay to farewell of the headaches Lou! Great news!
Loved the layouts at Altogether Scrap and looking forward to seeing more :)

Kelly Rotherham

Love the new Gogs, I had imagined them "RED" though. Guess that you went for the quiet sophisticated look, was that it?
Wish I was there to come play!

Julie LOVE

Lou you looks SO cool in your new specks!!! and I love all your lovely creations in the gallery :0)

have a great weekend


Rebbecca Fanning

Nice layouts Lou. They look pretty straight. Must be the new glasses.


Great layouts Lou!
Hope you guys raise lots og money at the crop too!


Hey Miss Lou......does that mean you can actually see now?
Like the "new" you......mmmm.................very nice!
You now look like the real teacher girl....well hello Mrs Spiden......

See you next week!


Mardi Winen

Has anyone mentioned you look pretty spunky in your new glasses??... they look so sophisticated... and I know the feeling on the headaches...I have been getting heaps lately too...then I put two and two together and statred wearing my glasses again.... makes a big difference!!
Love the layouts...particularly the cranky in da hood... very cute!!
Mardi x


gladly you finally updated your blog the LO look fab and so do the glasses


Hope you have a WONDERFUL, HAPPY & HOPPY, SAFE Easter Weekend! xx Chelle

Charmane Koch

It was great to catch up with you Lou yesterday - you just crack me up :)
Hey - have you seen you are a winner again....
Take Care
Love Charmane

fiona Leehane

Nothing wrong with 4 eyes:)
they work fine for me...LOL

Glasses look good on you...*fiona*

Kathy Pitt




Pretty pleaseeeeee

Kathy Pitt

Love those glasses still, would love to see more photos of you with your glasses, in your next update maybe??????

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