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May 09, 2007



LOL..we share a love of trashy reality TV ...your tag is wonderful...I loved reading and finding out a little more about you Lou.
Mardi x

Kathleen Pitt

& about blinking time you blogged girl!!! Took you long enough lol

Gorgeous LOs girl of course :)

What else have you been up to???

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx

Hi Louise

Thought I'd pop in for a visit. I hope you have had a wonderful week.

These new layouts look terrific. Great photos and scrapped just perfectly.

My daughter also loves to draw so I really should make a layout about that too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Have a safe and fun week end xxoo


I got my best marks in Maths Lou!

I am so NOT a maths person.

Go figure!

Chelle B

Hey Lou,

Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow - and are totally spoiled.

xx Chelle

Lyn Dwyer

Well hello Miss Lou.......good to see you updating your blog girl......I like to see what you've been up to. I like your $2 coin idea......I have something similar but I put all loose change out of my purse once a week and into a little ceramic jug. I use this to get the newspaper and milk.

Rebbecca Fanning

Nice to see you back Lou!! We all miss you when you don't keep us updated. I am very much looking forward to seeing you in about 8 weeks time. Can you tell I am excited??


Hey Lou hope the week has been kind... kind of what I am not sure lol
we have a change tin, huge old coffee tin, that we try to fill. Is surprising how much goes in and out of that tin!! lovin' the layouts too!

Melissa Antolovic

Hi Lou,

Love your new layouts - oh and I've started doing your $2 thing (so far i've got $4 LOL)

Lyn Dwyer

hello....hello.....anyone there.....Miss Lou....where are you?
About time for an update girly!Hope you are all over the sickness thingy?


You are as slack as me at updating your blog. How you doing????

Kathy Pitt

Hey Lou, you REALLY Need to update your blog! what have you been up to?? what have you been creating?? show and share :D

Kathy Pitt

Surfed on in again, waiting for you to update your blog still :)

jane jones

8 weeks and still counting, time to update heeheeheheeee (kathy made me do it)


Hey Lou how's it going

What you been up to I come in here to see but you don't update

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx


How's things Lou? Long time, not blog update.

I hope life is good and your all keeping well.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello.

Have a great week and hope you can update here soon xxoo


Hi Lou...a little birdie tells me you have a creation on a cover....sitting on the newstands... how about a blog update and a bit of self promotion... lol
Anyway... hope alls good...
Mardi x

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